FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Allows You To Measur Simply By Coloring Using Your Finger

Lawnbot has recently launched a new product by the name of The product is an online software, phone application & a component that can be built into any other software product. Measuring area and distance on a mobile device SUCKS! Most other measuring technologies use a series of points and lines, which lends itself to horrible mobile user experiences. The process is simple, fast, and extremely accurate. Most importantly.. EASY!

Grand Rapids, MI, April 20th, 2020 — A Grand Rapids, Michigan Company has taken an opportunity to help other companies step into the modern digital age. Lawnbot, the leading platform to sell green industry services online, has created an online service that enables lawn, landscape, and pavement companies and their customers to attain accurate property measurements by simply coloring in the area with their finger. “Use of our online Web application allows our customers (and their clients) to find sq footage and linear foot by simply coloring in the area needing measuring with their finger, it’s so easy my 11-year-old daughter can do it.”, said Erik Alburg, Chief Technology Officer for Lawnbot.

The software program enables users to log on and enter the address of the property, producing a high-resolution aerial view. A measurement tool is provided so the lawn area can easily be measured by coloring using your finger, subtracting out areas such as the house, a pool, driveway or landscaped areas from the total area.

The real power comes when you combine Lawnbot + now when your leads request a quote on your website they will be able to simply color in their lawn and get a 97% accurate quote for services. From there they can buy and pay online through the Lawnbot platform.

Each survey takes less than 30 seconds and has proven to be more accurate than physical measurements. “Our service eliminates the need for expensive overhead to conduct lawn surveys. In the current economy, anything we can do that saves both time, payroll and gas, while at the same time lowering the overall cost of doing business are things that can make or break a company”, Alburg continued.

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