lawnbot Beautiful instant online ordering for your lawn care business. Wed, 29 Apr 2020 03:13:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 lawnbot 32 32 168644365 Allows You To Measur Simply By Coloring Using Your Finger Wed, 29 Apr 2020 03:13:10 +0000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Allows You To Measur Simply By Coloring Using Your Finger

Lawnbot has recently launched a new product by the name of The product is an online software, phone application & a component that can be built into any other software product. Measuring area and distance on a mobile device SUCKS! Most other measuring technologies use a series of points and lines, which lends itself to horrible mobile user experiences. The process is simple, fast, and extremely accurate. Most importantly.. EASY!

Grand Rapids, MI, April 20th, 2020 — A Grand Rapids, Michigan Company has taken an opportunity to help other companies step into the modern digital age. Lawnbot, the leading platform to sell green industry services online, has created an online service that enables lawn, landscape, and pavement companies and their customers to attain accurate property measurements by simply coloring in the area with their finger. “Use of our online Web application allows our customers (and their clients) to find sq footage and linear foot by simply coloring in the area needing measuring with their finger, it’s so easy my 11-year-old daughter can do it.”, said Erik Alburg, Chief Technology Officer for Lawnbot.

The software program enables users to log on and enter the address of the property, producing a high-resolution aerial view. A measurement tool is provided so the lawn area can easily be measured by coloring using your finger, subtracting out areas such as the house, a pool, driveway or landscaped areas from the total area.

The real power comes when you combine Lawnbot + now when your leads request a quote on your website they will be able to simply color in their lawn and get a 97% accurate quote for services. From there they can buy and pay online through the Lawnbot platform.

Each survey takes less than 30 seconds and has proven to be more accurate than physical measurements. “Our service eliminates the need for expensive overhead to conduct lawn surveys. In the current economy, anything we can do that saves both time, payroll and gas, while at the same time lowering the overall cost of doing business are things that can make or break a company”, Alburg continued.

For more information contact or visit to play with today!

About Lawnbot

Lawnbot – the beautiful, intelligent chatbot platform that closes sales and provides the leading cloud-based mobile sales and payment platform which emphasizes superior customer experiences. LawnBot goes beyond generating quotes and closes sales, allowing potential customers to purchase and pay for services instantly. For more information on Lawnbot, visit their website at


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Hines plants stake on digital side of lawns Wed, 29 Apr 2020 03:07:24 +0000 They call him “Kendall, the lawn man,” and with good reason.

Kendall Hines, who is the owner of Lawnbot, a technology platform for lawn companies to sell their services, has spent practically all of his life providing consumers with “green, thick, weed-free lawns.”

Hines’ parents were the owners of a Lawn Doctor franchise, a small lawn care company that fertilizes lawns and sprays weeds, among other services. The family business treated residential and commercial lawns throughout East Grand Rapids, Caledonia, Byron Center, Wyoming, Rockford, Ada and Grandville.

Hines and his brothers grew up in the business, with all of them working there until Hines eventually purchased it from his parents. He later sold it to one of his brothers.

“I was out there doing the lawns at 8 years old, literally spreading the fertilizer, spraying the weeds, handing out fliers and putting signs in the ground after the treatment was done on lawns that read, ‘Stay off the lawn until it is dry,’” he said. “They were big properties, too; they were an acre-and-a-half big. I did everything short of going to the bank and depositing checks.”

Read the full article at :

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Real Green & Lawnbot Partner Thu, 19 Mar 2020 04:12:16 +0000 REAL GREEN SYSTEMS® AND LAWNBOT PARTNER



Real Green Systems now Integrates with Service Bot’s AI chatbot LawnBot to help field service companies close sales faster online using automation.

Walled Lake, MI – March 9, 2020 – Real Green Systems, a leading software and marketing company serving the lawn, landscape, and pest industry space and the developers of Service Assistant, today announced their strategic integrated partnership with Grand Rapids, MI-based ServiceBot, creators of the LawnBot artificial intelligence chatbot. LawnBot makes it fast, secure, and seamless for consumers and companies to connect with a simple two-minute virtual conversation culminating in a closed sale and real-time integration with Real Green’s Service Assistant CRM and scheduling software.

“As we continue to scale, we are strategically partnering with technology innovators that offer best in class solutions to help our customers increase sales, streamline their processes, and provide their customers with a superior experience. LawnBot will allow our software users to close more sales faster by engaging their potential customers online and driving them through the sales process more efficiently – from awareness straight to the purchase action — using convenient virtual sales automation through their websites. This new connectivity with LawnBot will provide tremendous value to Real Green users by significantly reducing their cost per sale and customer onboarding time, while increasing new customer service scheduling and payment efficiencies,” said Bill Nunan, Real Green Systems President and Chief Executive Officer.

LawnBot Chief Executive Officer Kendall Hines added, “We are obsessed with providing lawn and pest companies the best software to sell their services instantly online in a beautifully modern way. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Real Green Systems to provide a total solution that businesses of all sizes can use with ease. Service Assistant and LawnBot work together to automate every aspect of a business, from closing sales to delighting customers, by delivering great customer service and providing positive results on their properties.”

Hines partnered with Chief Technical Officer Erik Alburg to create the lawn and pest industry’s first virtual sales chatbot. Kendall owned and operated his family’s lawn care franchise and knows firsthand that not only do many consumers make purchase decisions after core business hours, but they will hire the first company who can provide a competitive price. LawnBot integrates with a company’s website and pairs consumer requests for services with data from Service Assistant, including property square footage and pricing, to provide instant online service quotes. The LawnBot virtual agent can then close the sale through the chatbot. The new integrated partnership provides a seamless experience for both the customer and the service business team using Real Green’s Service Assistant software by expediting the sales process, increasing data accuracy, as well as reducing physical data entry and associated costs.

About Real Green Systems

Walled Lake, MI-based Real Green Systems is a global software company that began as a lawn care company in 1984. It has successfully owned, operated, and cultivated multiple service companies for more than 30 years. This unique and extensive experience has motivated it to specialize in developing software tailor-made for service industry professionals. Thousands of companies worldwide use Service Assistant. Real Green Systems continues to develop innovative technology and marketing solutions to help customers manage and grow their businesses in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible. It employs a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals to provide customers with the most current technology and the broadest range of available features. Helping to make clients as successful as possible, Real Green Systems offers a competitive edge with its innovative business operation software and advanced marketing tools. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About LawnBot

LawnBot – the beautiful, intelligent chatbot platform that closes sales and provides the leading cloud-based mobile sales and payment platform which emphasizes superior customer experiences. LawnBot goes beyond generating quotes and closes sales, allowing potential customers to purchase and pay for services instantly. For more information on LawnBot, visit

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Lawnbot Featured in Grand Rapids Business Journal Sun, 29 Dec 2019 02:54:59 +0000 The original post can be found here

Kendall Hines is the founder of Grand Rapids-based Lawnbot, a tech software company that offers a web and mobile sales and payment platform for a variety of lawn care companies, some of which deal with mosquitoes, pest control, carpet cleaning and home cleaning. 

Hines started Lawnbot in 2018. He also is the founder of Lawn Doctor, a company that provides lawn care.

“I initially built it for my own company, and based on an overwhelming response and feedback from my friends who also owned companies, I realized that the marketplace needed a solution like this,” he said. “Our larger vision is to dominate the lawn care space and then move into other symbiotic verticals such as pest control and home cleaning.”

Hines recently was the winner of Start Garden’s 100 ideas, in which he received $20,000. He already has put the money to use by hiring the company’s first chief technical officer, Erik Alburg. He will lead the technical operations, product development, product innovation and direct the company’s technical and product road maps. 

Along with hiring Alburg, Hines said he also has utilized the cash to attend trade shows throughout the country, where he is able to exhibit his new technology to market it to companies in the home service industry. 

Hines said 32 companies across the country currently are using his platform, one of which is Rochester Hills-based Lush Lawn. He said it services about 15,000 consumers in that market. 

According to Hines, the platform allows consumers to purchase home services where and whenever they want.

“They don’t have to call in somewhere and deal with a customer service agent with a bad attitude,” he said, “if you want something done to your house. It also helps them close services instantly. They don’t have to pay a sales commission to a salesperson. They can probably get rid of some salespeople. Amazon sells everything online, but they don’t sell home services. You cannot buy home services online.

“If you own a house and you want to sign up for lawn care, well, typically, the process is you have to go to the (company’s) website and fill out a contact form and then wait for them to call you, but if you go to the website of a company that uses my platform when you submit that contact form, you land right on the Lawnbot chat box and you answer some questions, (describing the condition of your lawn and the service you’d like.) Based on what you tell the bot, it recommends a lawn care program.”

Hines said the price for companies using the platform is based on public real estate data and the price table of the company.


Danielle Nelson

Danielle Nelson is a Grand Rapids Business Journal staff reporter who covers law, startups, agriculture, sports, marketing, PR and advertising and arts and entertainment. She is also the staff researcher who compiles the weekly lists. Email Danielle at dnelson at grbj dot com. Follow her on Twitter @Dan_Nels

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Lawnbot Grows Leadership Team, Welcomes Erik Alburg as Chief Technical Officer Sun, 29 Dec 2019 02:37:21 +0000 recently announced the hiring of Erik Alburg as the company’s first chief technical officer.

With more than 20 years of leadership experience, Alburg brings valuable influence to Lawnbot’s founding team during a period of rapid expansion. As CTO, Alburg will lead technical operations, product development, product innovation, and direct the company’s technical and product road maps.

“Erik joins Lawnbot with a wealth of technical experience,” said Kendall Hines , Lawnbot’s CEO and founder. "We are thankful to have his expertise as part of our founding team as we continue to expand into the marketplace with an obsession around making it quick, secure and painless for people and lawn care companies to do business.

Before joining Lawnbot, Alburg was the product manager and engineering manager at Modustri, a Grand Rapids -based IOT start-up. There Alburg helped rollout Ultrasonic IOT technology to Caterpillar, and helped develop the mobile technology platform that simplifies field inspections for the construction industry.

Prior to Modustri, he was the head of development at Thinaire, the world leader in proximity engagement, enabling marketers to make video, print, and physical display units the launchpad for a set of mobile experiences. Alburg was Responsible for overseeing all client NFC deployments, development of NFC supply chain, creation of new NFC industry standards, and creation of SAAS platform for the tracking and reporting of interactions with RFID embedded media.

“It’s exciting to be part of a company like Lawnbot that is growing 80% month over month and helping the industry leap forward into the digital buying age,” Allburg said. “Consumers want products and services at the tips of their fingers, and I am thrilled to on a team that is creating the future standard of buying services for your home in a modern beautiful experience.”

An alumnus of Michigan Technological University (MTU),  Alburg is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt in continuous improvement, he also is an advisor to multiple start-ups in west Michigan.

]]> 0 842 Wins $20,000 In Start Garden 100 ideas Demo Day Sat, 21 Sep 2019 02:49:31 +0000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Contact: Kendall Hines, 

(Grand Rapids, Michigan – 09/15/2019), a company that provides intuitive chatbot sales & payment platforms to lawn care companies has won $20,000 of funding from the local DeVos Family start-up incubator Start Garden (located in Grand Rapids, Michigan). Before the winners were announced Tuesday evening at 20 Monroe Live in downtown Grand Rapids, the 100 finalists presented their ideas in a public event. They included 28 tech-related ideas, 27 products, 18 services, 15 food-related ideas, seven social impact initiatives and and five retail ideas. They were among more than 800 people, the bulk of them from Michigan, who pitched business plans, inventions or ideas to the competition. Each category had knowledge experts as judges and out of the 100 finalists, Lawnbot was one of 10 winners taking home $20,000 to continue developing its business further., is an instant sale generator in an instant-messaging format that is white labeled to fit any company and its set of services that it sells. The application uses proprietary technology to measure the square footage of a lawn in real time, recommend a custom treatment plan and provide a quote for services. “We understand that people are busy,” Hines notes, “and we wanted to make purchasing lawn care simple and frictionless for our rapidly expanding customer base.” The web chat application can be accessed 24/7, allowing customers to get quotes on their time and at their own pace.

Lawnbot was born in the winter of 2018. Created by Kendall Hines, a 28 year old entrepreneur who owns a lawn care firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the past six years, he’s grown his client base from 100 to around 2,000 accounts by changing the way he sells the service, via a chatbot platform he’s developed & many other innovative sales strategies, now he is selling his platform to companies all across the United States & The United Kingdom. Lawnbot has 3000+ chats & $200,000 dollars in closed sales through its platform since started its beta test in the spring of 2019. 

“Lawnbot makes it quick, secure and painless for people and lawn care companies to do business, within a simple 2 minute chat conversation,” Hines said. “In an industry that tends to be on the laggard side of things, Lawnbot’s mission is to allow consumers to buy lawn care like they would on amazon..instantly!” 

Hines plans to use the $20,000 to continue acquiring clients via digital marketing & industry trade shows. 

For more information, please visit

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