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What is Lawnbot?

Lawnbot makes ecommerce easy for your lawn care business with a customer-facing chatbot that lives on your website. It meets customers where they are, when they’re ready to buy, and guides them all the way through closing the sale.

Make Sales All the Time

Lawnbot generates highly accurate estimates while capturing all-important contact information from every prospect. Our chatbot can instantly answer many common questions and even handle common objections through a streamlined sales process. Lawnbot makes selling your services online painless and simple.

Built In Payments

With Lawnbot, accept payments seamlessly and securely. We make it easy and safe to retrieve customer credit card data and integrate it into your existing payment processing solution.

Integrates Everywhere

Lawnbot’s open API means we can integrate with more than 2,000 web applications. We seamlessly integrate with Real Green Systems Service Assistant 5.




The Lawnbot dashboard is the hub of all of your digital sales activity. See all of your lead and sale data in real time and visualize your sales pipeline in new, game changing ways.


Instant, Accurate, Measurements

With our new technology, potential customers can measure their own property by coloring it in with their finger – it’s fast, easy and amazingly accurate. Lawnbot will then use that measurement to generate a price quote.

“Working with Lawnbot has been a great value… It’s easy, it’s integrated. I’m really, really happy we went with Lawnbot.”

        — Ryan Shiplett, My Fertilizing Company


Works with
Your CRM

Lawnbot integrates seamlessly with green industry-leading Service Assistant® 5. Customer data is captured and migrated directly into SA5: Contact information, property details, estimates and quotes, payment information. It’s all there, no manual input necessary.


Get Great Reviews

Good reviews are essential for your business. Reviewbot helps you generate good customer reviews with almost no effort. Make it easy for your customers to tell everyone how great you are!


Made for the Green Industry

Lawnbot was designed for field service industries like lawn care, landscaping, pest control and arbor care.
We can help your business sell across 25 different service categories!

Arbor Care

Pruning, trimming, removal and more


Sod installation, shrub and flower planting, design and more

Lawn Care

Cutting, seeding and fertilizing, weed control and more

Pest Control

Mosquito control, termite control, pest removal and more


Partner with Lawnbot Today

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Lawnbot and start selling – all the time. We’re ready to bring our ecommerce solution to your business today! Schedule a free demo to see how beautiful Lawnbot can be.

Step 1: Sign up

We have several different levels of service. Choose the one that’s best for your business, or reach out to us to see how we can best help you.

Step 2: On-Boarding

You’ll receive a welcome message with your onboarding checklist. This will explain what we need from you to build your best Lawnbot.

Step 3: Build

 Next, our production team will build your bot! Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch if we need anything more from you.

Step 4: Connect

Once your bot is built and tested, we’ll connect it to your website, Homeadvisor, social accounts and any other digital leads.

Step 5: Launch

Time to blast off! Your Lawnbot is ready to start selling. Any issues? No problem. Ongoing service and support is part of your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info?
Check out some of our FAQs.

How do you integrate with Real Green Systems?

Lawnbot is able to send data directly into Real Green Systems’ Service Assistant® 5: Everything from customer contact information to property square footage, estimates and quotes given, payment information and more. No manual input necessary.

How does Lawnbot hook up to my website?

The main method is by replacing the contact or estimate form on your website. We will make it look identical to your current form with your branding, photos, etc. – but the client will land on your Lawnbot instead. After answering a few quick questions they will be given a recommended program.

Is Lawnbot just for lawn care companies?

No! We make it easy for you to sell any field service industry – not just lawn care, but landscaping, arbor care and pest control.

Why choose Lawnbot over other similar services like Plowz&Mowz, Lawn Starter or Lawn Guru?

Lawnbot uses your logo and your price tables, and we heavily customize your Lawnbot to match your business. Your lead will never know “Lawnbot” because they won’t see it. They will only see you. Those other companies act as the middleman between lawn care companies and their clients: You subscribe to their service, but they own the customer relationship.

With Lawnbot, you own your own, custom-branded technology platform, you set the prices and you own 100% of the customer relationship.

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