They call him “Kendall, the lawn man,” and with good reason.

Kendall Hines, who is the owner of Lawnbot, a technology platform for lawn companies to sell their services, has spent practically all of his life providing consumers with “green, thick, weed-free lawns.”

Hines’ parents were the owners of a Lawn Doctor franchise, a small lawn care company that fertilizes lawns and sprays weeds, among other services. The family business treated residential and commercial lawns throughout East Grand Rapids, Caledonia, Byron Center, Wyoming, Rockford, Ada and Grandville.

Hines and his brothers grew up in the business, with all of them working there until Hines eventually purchased it from his parents. He later sold it to one of his brothers.

“I was out there doing the lawns at 8 years old, literally spreading the fertilizer, spraying the weeds, handing out fliers and putting signs in the ground after the treatment was done on lawns that read, ‘Stay off the lawn until it is dry,’” he said. “They were big properties, too; they were an acre-and-a-half big. I did everything short of going to the bank and depositing checks.”

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