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SGX FTSE China A50 index intraday futures data is supplied as default in 1-minute bar. However, you may also choose other bar granularities such as 2 minute bar, 3 minute bar, 5 minute bar, 10 minute bar, 15 minute bar, 30 minute bar, hourly bar etc. You can also have us extract SGX FTSE China A50 daily data straight from the intraday database. In this case, you would choose the session and we can supply the custom daily futures data between only between the custom session markers you choose.

a50 index futures

SGX is widely recognized as a one-stop shop, multi-asset platform to trade Chinese assets and manage risk, including via the FTSE China A50 and the H50 suite of products and their RMB and iron ore futures, Syn said. The FTSE China A50 futures is the most liquid benchmark for the China market with about $7 billion worth of average daily volume and $11 billion in open interest, he added. Their USD/CNH futures are the most widely traded RMB futures with more than 80% market share of volume and open interest. And, SGX’s iron ore contract has 100% market share of volume and open interest in offshore iron ore derivatives.

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Weekly chart multiyear resistance breakout three weeks ago and now we got the retest. Besides technical, also like the bearish sentiment on China recently. China a50 keeps trending up, been trading it almost every day for past 4 years and think it’s amazing opportunity to buy now and hold for at least days. If these trendlines are breached, you could see a quick 1000 point fall. The China a50 is under the weekly 50 SMA and near the 200 weekly SMA. Open a free, no-risk demo account to stay on top of index movement and important events.

a50 index futures

Register for the latest updates and insights on important industry trends or browse our archived webinar recordings. Written in practical, comparative terms and incorporating key implications of applicable law, CCP Risk Review assists market participants and regulators IQ Option Overview in understanding risks relating to CCPs, for both clearing members and clients. Access industry-standard agreements and other documentation that support trading and clearing functions as well as ensure regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions.

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Issues like Covid, bitcoin and the great reopening all drive volume on SGX from global investors, Syn said. Syn said SGX learned customers don’t trade a product for itself, but rather they trade the product for the liquidity, risk management and clearinghouse. As internet firms like Google, Twitter and Facebook have found out, it is the network that has value.

And we are excited about the future – we still have scope to grow this product and the broader risk management ecosystem. Click to enlargeSGX also has the lead in terms of open interest, which measures the number of contracts outstanding at one moment in time. At the end of July, open interest in its FTSE China A50 futures was 728,000 contracts, more than any other equity index futures in the Asia-Pacific region, and nearly twice as much as any other China-related futures contract. The CSI 300 futures are the oldest and most heavily traded, with 19.2 million contracts traded year to date. The CSI 500 had higher trading volume in 2020, but so far this year volume has lagged behind, with 13.6 million contracts traded since January. On 20 August, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing received regulatory approval to launch futures on the MSCI China A50 Connect index.

a50 index futures

Data are provided ‘as is’ for informational purposes only and are not intended for trading purposes. Data may be intentionally delayed pursuant to supplier requirements. Greater use of renewable energy doesn’t necessarily translate into higher prices and it may in fact help cut inflation compared to continued reliance on fossil fuels, European Central Bank board member Fabio Panetta said on Wednesday. Other similar product were CSI 300 Index (and the sub-index CSI 100) by China Securities Index Company and “Dow Jones China 88 Index” by S&P Dow Jones Indices. For top 50 companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, see SSE 50 Index, For top 100 companies in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, see SZSE 100 Index.

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FTSE 100 from 4 points and more 24-hour markets than anywhere else. There is smooth price action in the China A50 index because the computation method ensures no single stock can significantly impact on the overall price of the index. Trading Hours- the days and hours in which the commodity is traded. This widget shows the latest week’s Commitment of Traders open interest. The COT data, as reported by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission ,is from Tuesday, and isreleased Friday by the CFTC. Reporting firms send Tuesday open interest data on Wednesday morning.

  • Past performance should not be viewed as an indicator of future results.
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  • The new contract, which begin trading in October, will strengthen the exchange’s position as the gateway to China’s onshore equity market, one of the largest and fastest growing in the world.
  • The days of worrying about a late-night U.S. tweet that would roil the Asian markets have passed, but there are still many macro issues that bind China and the rest of the world together.

The index offers the optimal balance between representativeness and tradability for China’s A Share market. It can be used as the basis for on-exchange and OTC derivative products, mutual funds and ETFs. Portara provides SGX FTSE China A50 index tick data in ‘Trades Only’ form or as ‘Level 1’ tick data, which includes the bids and asks. SGX FTSE China A50 tick data includes price, the trade volume, and other trade indicators such as bid, ask, trade and settle. Nasdaq Index Futures:Traders around the world use the contracts on the Nasdaq-100 Index to manage exposure to and access the opportunities of the 100 largest non-financial companies listed in The Nasdaq Stock Market.

In this Options Discovery full interview, JLN’s Alex Teng sits down with Michael J. Oyster from Options Solutions and discusses how options can be used for risk management and navigating a declining stock market. Syn said SGX offers global investors a handful of tools to help them manage their key China macro risk factors, Deriv Forex Broker including currency risk, commodity risk and shipping. Steel and iron ore are China-centric markets, Syn said, noting the importance in China-related infrastructure development. He noted that SGX offers 80% of the shipping derivatives worldwide and how supply chain disruptions have made shipping costs rise.

Looks like a great opportunity to bet on the rise of the Chinese stock market. A50 white second wave correction has a high probability of ending, and the third white wave is optimistic in the later stage. From the perspective of entanglement, the current center + A intraday chart has closed the bottom type, MACD golden fork, waiting for an upward stroke to leave the center, looking forward to getting out White b segment market.

Account access and trade execution may be affected by factors such as market volatility. China will only grow in importance to global investors, big and small. Having liquid, accessible and trusted futures markets to manage risk will only become more important.

MSCI China A 50 Connect Index

The CFTC then corrects and verifies the data for release by Friday afternoon. The Barchart site’s data is then updated, after the official CFTC release. A broken wing butterfly with puts is a butterfly spread with long put strikes that are not at the same distance from the short put strike.

Portara’s standard SGX FTSE China A50 daily futures data is made up of five data points – open, high, low, last-price and settle. Simply choose to have the daily close based on the last price or the settle depending on whether you wish follow extended sessions or just the day session. Margin trading involves interest charges and heightened risks, including the potential to lose more than invested funds or the need to deposit additional collateral. Before trading on margin, customers are advised to determine whether this type of trading is appropriate for them in light of their respective investment objective, experience, risk tolerance and financial situation. Investments in stocks, options, ETFs and other instruments are subject to risks, including possible loss of the amount invested. The value of investments may fluctuate and as a result, clients may lose the value of their investment.

Both cryptocurrencies and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money. View derivatives industry data including trading activity on exchanges and swap execution facilities as well as customer assets held by clearing firms in the US and quarterly data on risk exposures at CCPs worldwide. The MSCI China A 50 Connect Index seeks to represent the performance of the top 50 large cap China A shares using a sector-neutral approach. With at least two stocks from each sector, it is designed to reflect broad diversification across the Chinese economy. The index seeks to achieve more balanced sector exposure compared with a simple top 50 approach by avoiding overweighting of Financial or Consumer Staples. The heaviest weighting in the China A50 index comes from banks and financial companies.

The FTSE China A50 Index is the benchmark for accessing the China domestic market. Registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore , moomoo SG is a Capital Markets Services Licence (Licence No. CMS101000) holder with the Exempt Financial Adviser Status. Information contained on this website is general in nature and has been prepared without any consideration of customers’ investment objectives, financial situations or needs. Customers should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to their personal circumstances before making any investment decisions. Build the strongest argument relying on authoritative content, attorney-editor expertise, and industry defining technology. FTSE Russell has said that an established ecosystem around the FTSE China A50, including a liquid derivative market, is a “trump card” for the index.

IG International Limited is part of the IG Group and its ultimate parent company is IG Group Holdings Plc. IG International Limited receives services from other members of the IG Group including IG Markets Limited. The information in this site does not contain investment advice or an investment recommendation, or an offer of or solicitation for transaction in any financial instrument. IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. IG International Limited is licensed to conduct investment business and digital asset business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

HKEX also offers a mini version of the Hang Seng futures, which had volume of 14.6 million year-to-date. It is a real-time, tradable index comprising the largest 50 A Share companies by full market capitalisation of the securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. SGX recently introduced options on the FTSE China H50 index, which is based on the H-shares market, but volume is relatively low so far, and Top 10 Books about Forex it does not offer options on the FTSE China A50 index. That puts the exchange at a disadvantage to its competitors in Hong Kong and Shanghai. On the other hand, it offers futures based on several other Asia-Pacific stock markets, notably India, Japan and Taiwan. For some international investors, the efficiencies of the pan-Asian approach may be enough for them to continue using SGX to manage their exposures to China.

The launch was the best-ever for a futures product here in Hong Kong, hitting US$1.6 billion in open interest in the first full month of trading. Since launch, monthly ADV has grown from 3,500 contracts in October 2021 to about 20,000 contracts in July 2022. Learn about current trends in the cleared derivatives industry, explore industry data or get news on FIA’s latest work on behalf of our members. The FTSE China A50 Index is a free-float adjusted, liquidity-screened index. It is reviewed quarterly in March, June, September and December to ensure the index remains representative of the underlying China market.