Tower Loan provides a variety of installment loans in Zachary based on the amount that best suits your needs. This allows you to schedule your payment each month and prevents skipping payments due to revolving debit’s monthly interest adjustments. Personal loans are consumer credit loans given to individuals for various purposes. They have fixed payment amounts over a certain period. Because of the consistent payment schedule, securing Zachary personal loans may be preferable in comparison to traditional revolving credit or credit cards. These loans are repaid in monthly installments over a predefined time period. If payments are completed on time, these can also be used to improve your personal credit score. Tower Loan offers secured personal loans in Zachary, LA, within certain limitations.

tower loan zachary

If you are looking for contact data of the title loan company Tower Loan in Zachary, Louisiana, then you are in the right place. We’ve collected all Tower Loan departments’ contact information in Zachary, Louisiana for you, and you can find the following here. Also, you can apply for a car loan, and it can also be called – ‘title loan’ on our website. After you fill the form, we will send this data to the best direct lenders that provide car cash advances for the US residents! Just fill a simple form on our website, and you can receive your money as soon as lenders approve your application. If you are looking for reliable financial services like payday loans in Zachary, Louisiana, Tower Loan can provide fast payday advance loans near you.

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tower loan zachary

He calls me a liar, but admits that he can’t really prove that the items are mine. Time passes, more calls, more offers, and more pleading. I still can’t get a job, I’m on constant treatment for my illness, and I’m currently fighting in the courts to get disability. Zach had the audacity to go to my grandparents’ house in person to hand them a letter for me in my absence. I called him up and absolutely reamed him out over the phone. He has the stones to tell me that if I just make a payment, he will leave me alone. I tell him “What part of I don’t have any money, do you not understand?” He tells me that I must have some money, as my other bills are still current. I tell him, yeah, because my essential stuff is being paid for by my family.

Is Tower Loan Provide Online Loans for Bad Credit?

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1.) We have detected an unusual amount of improper or excessive behavior such as using our site to compile business lists, company information, accumulate sales leads, etc. I have two accounts and only sign for one. You saying I owe one thing to CFPB but reporting something different. I know there are lawyers also doing wrong things. This is the worst possible place to do business with. These people, especially the management, have zero care, respect, professionalism, morals, and humanity. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

  • So so I said, “Y’all do know I have my bank records of the money being taken out to pay the loan off.”
  • He then gets the nerve to tell me “So this isn’t important to you?” I tell him no.
  • I went off on him, telling him that guilt tripping me doesn’t make money suddenly appear in my pocket.
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  • They called, asked why I hadn’t made my payment yet, no big deal.
  • I asked to speak to someone else to solve the issue and he refused.

You can do so online, by phone, or by visiting one of our local branches. To get an instant response on your loan application, we’ll ask for certain personal, financial, and work information. Tower Loan has been assisting our customers with loans in Zachary, LA, and the surrounding states since 1936. There’s no need to worry about becoming stuck in revolving debt because all of our loans have equal installment payments. Came I was making weekly payments of a $100. They called said I never made a payment and now I owe 3,500 to them. I asked, “Where is the money I paid y’all and have been taking out towards my loan.” Neve gave me an answer. So so I said, “Y’all do know I have my bank records of the money being taken out to pay the loan off.”

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I would advise anyone else thinking of cashing a check with Tower loan to tear it up and throw it away. This is not how you conduct business, or get what you want from others. Kindness would have gone a long way, and best of all it’s free. I advised him not to cut me off and to treat me with human decency and respect.

tower loan zachary

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He told me he will not speak to me with respect and I don’t deserve decency. I was calling him to discuss payment arrangements since I saw his letter. I wanted to try to pay the full balance but I didn’t have it at the moment. But I wanted to let him know that I am trying to take a loan from my 401k to pay it but he wouldn’t allow me to speak. He continued to tell me he didn’t care about me, what I had to say, that this is a business and the people don’t matter. We’re working with the lenders who perform only soft credit checks. It means that you’ll get much higher chance of approval with us. We have over 230 locations around and have worked hard to earn the trust of our community to become one of the premier loan companies in Zachary. We take pleasure in providing the finest possible customer service to our clients. At Tower Loan, we pay close attention to your needs to ensure that the process of acquiring credit is as simple as possible.