Lawncology CEO and Founder – John Perry – Interview with Lawnbot CEO, Kendall Hines. 

John Perry is President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Greene County Fertilizer Company, Inc. author of the Lawncology® educational series. He started in business with a Bio Green® spray service and he based his business model on not using conventional fertilizer. From there, Perry chose to focus on developing and bringing to market his own high performance fertility products for the professional service industry and began manufacturing products in late 2007. A monthly topical series featuring Lawncology articles written by John Perry can be found on the Lawncology blog ( The Lawncology Channel on YouTube allows viewers to follow along with John as he travels the country and interacts with customers. Hear their stories of how they grow their businesses. Walk lawns with John as he diagnoses problems and discusses the role fertility plays in addressing and preventing lawn problems. See and hear how businesses have adapted their fertility programs to utilize Lawncology fertility practices. Get a front row seat at national and regional lawn care industry events and trade shows. “As the years have passed for me in this industry, there has been a steadily increasing demand from professionals and homeowners to understand soil fertility. I have always taught a ‘soil up’ approach and watching this go from a small cross-section of people to a vast audience has been astounding,” said John Perry, CEO/Founder. “My goal is to continue to provide free practical education resources on all aspects of the LCO operation. Carbon plays a key role in the life cycle of the lawn eco-system. From soil and plant science, insect, weed, and disease control to managing plant nutrients, carbon is the keystone, the catalyst and the keeper of the keys to sustainable fertility. It is my personal pleasure to be an industry voice for education, understanding, and innovation through new products and techniques that ultimately improve lawns and landscapes, the environment, and the lawn care industry.” Greene County Fertilizer Company manufactures and distributes soil amending fertilizers and specialty fertility products for liquid lawn, garden, turf care, trees and agricultural use, humic acid, N-Ext™ brand, private label fertilizer products, custom blended programs, and select DIY product packages. Greene County Fertilizer Company operates in their 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant/corporate headquarters in Greensboro, GA and has locations in Orlando, FL and Salt Lake City, UT. Greene County Fertilizer Company’s bio-based fertilizers & specialty fertility products are blended to feed plants, improve soil fertility and build topsoil.