Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get the lawn size?

We use a variety of real estate data sources. We also have a proprietary formula process customized to your specific market that helps get the most accurate instant quotes possible for your customers. Additionally you can set a sq footage maximum - so IF the lot size is more then 40K sq feet THEN xyz will happen… In our company we allow them to book a call back via calendly - Learn more about calendly here

Do I have to post a button on my website?

The main method is replacing the contact form or estimate form on your website with ours. Very simple and very easy. We can make it identical to your current contact form. With our form in place, your client will land on your beautiful lawnbot. After answering some questions your client is given a recommended program.


Is this just for lawn care?

No, we have access to tons of data inside the home and outside to be able to allow you to sell pretty much any home service through your chatbot. Pest Control, Home Cleaning, Landscaping, Irrigation Services etc.. 

How is it priced? 

We realized very quickly in our pilot that the larger the business the more inbound leads and in turn the more chats and quotes you will have. The pricing is based on how many recurring clients you service, not leads.. So our entry level price is $399 for 0-4000 active customers. I own a lawn care company in Michigan that services 2000 customers year to year and it costs me 2,000 a month + sales commission to hire a human sales person. Frankly even when my business was only 100k in revenue I would dream about a product like this while I was out on the lawns. We are also seeing our smaller companies love this that have one truck and less than 500 customers where they can’t afford a sales person yet and this is a perfect bridge to the next level of growth. We have a 30% conversion rate and we are obsessed with making the most beautiful and effective products for our clients. 

Do you integrate with Service Autopilot, Jobber, Yardbook, Pest Pac or other CRM Software? 

Lawnbot has an open API meaning we can talk to any program that allows us to talk to it. We have a preferred CRM that we recommend in Real Green Systems. The leading software company for the service industry for over 30 years. Schedule a demo to see if we integrate with your CRM today! 

We do billing through our own field service software. so could we just give them the quote. Have them sign up and gather billing information later?

I would not advise that. We built this platform to provide a seamless user experience. Our goal is to not create more work for your customers which is why we recommend taking payment for services through the chat. Doing what you are describing would create too much friction. I recommend gathering payment information during the chat just like any other online ordering platform (uber eats, grubhub etc.. ) We have an open api so we can talk to 1500 programs + so we can easily tell whatever software you are using that we have taken payment. Not sure if you looked into them but we recommend Real Green Systems. Their newest release of SA5 is a gamechanger.


Plowz&Mowz vs. Lawnbot .... GO!

Lawnbot is the whitelabel sales technology platform that empowers green industry businesses to close their inbound digital leads instantly! Think online ordering for your company in a beautiful modern way. We use your logo, your price tables, and we heavily customize your lawnbot to match your business. Your lead will never know "lawnbot" because we use your logos on our platform. Check out it is an example of a company that we built one for.

Plowz and Mowz, lawnstarter, lawnguru are all trying to be the middle man between lawn care companies and clients that need the work done. They are a marketplace. The only value they are providing is building a technology platform for people to order services then selling those jobs to the contractors - typically sell on price - and in many cases from reading online reviews leave many clients upset because the quality of work is hard to control.

PlowzMowz, lawnstarter, lawnguru = Uber of lawn care, you subscribe to their platform, they own the relationship with the customer.

Lawnbot = you own your own custom branded technology platform, you own 100% of the relationship with your customer, you set prices. Helps you close your inbound digital leads, provides an online modern beautiful ordering experience to your prospective clients.