Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) –

How do you get the lawn size?

We use a variety of real estate data sources. We also have a proprietary formula process that helps get the most accurate instant quotes possible for your customers. 

Do I have to post a button on my website?

You def could.. Your Lawnbot can be hosted anywhere. Think of it as a super smart web page that makes you money. We have seen the most success - Using our proprietary inbound lead process to drive traffic to your lawnbot. When a client requests a quote on your website contact form we set up your email to send a copy of your normal lead email to our email parser. From there a series of triggers happen - Many of our clients only send inbound leads to their bot via an automated SMS  IF they have a lot size less than 30,000 sq ft. Anything larger the bot is programmed to never quote pricing or to notify the client about your Lawnbot. 

Is this just for lawn care?

No, we have access to tons of data inside the home and outside to be able to allow you to sell pretty much any home service through your chatbot. 

Still In Progress ...

What happens if they don’t buy?

How much does it cost?