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Pricing is based on CRM database size, monthly web traffic, and monthly contact creation.

All plans start at $249 monthly.

Our Products

Add online ordering to your service business. Turn inbound leads into closed sales!

Add online ordering to your service business. Turn inbound leads into closed sales!

Need leads? Reviewbot is the product to ensure you dominate google. 

What’s bugging you out there? Pestbot allows you to sell your pest control services online! Instantly! 

Kendall and his team have developed a really cool product. His software makes seamless sales for leads who want an instant quote. We don’t have to pay the bot hourly, overtime or match taxes like you would an employee. Plus the bot works 24/7… We have been one of the early adaptors for lawnbot. Kendall has really taken the feedback we have given him and keeps making improvements.

There is nothing like checking our inbox on Monday morning and having $1,000 + in sales.

Ryan Shipplett

Owner , My Fertilizing Company

Lawnbot is a great tool for any lawn care company in today’s economy. It generates highly accurate pricing of your services while capturing all important contact information from any prospect. It also is able to answer many common sales questions and even handle sales objections through a streamlined sales process. I have received several compliments from sold customers stating that it is one of the best pricing and automated processes they have used online. By adding Lawnbot to our sales funnel we have captured and sold dozens of new customers during after hours and weekends, while utilizing ZERO labor costs. It is worth every dollar and minute invested into getting it going! Can’t wait to see new integrated features coming soon! Thanks Lawnbot!

Ryan Tendick

Manager, Lawn Doctor Antioch

Lawnbot is great. Kendall is awesome to work with and has a great vision for what service companies need (he has run service companies for years). I have enjoyed working with him and believe in his products

Eth Ahping

Owner , Eco Lawn Utah

What our clients have to say

Why is there a design and build cost?
How do you calculate sq footage and linear foot?
Can we sell multiple services in our lawnbot?
How do you intergrate into Real Green Systems?

How long does it take to build?

10-14 days depending on how long it takes for your to return our on-boarding questionaire. 

How does it hook up to my website?

The main method is replacing the contact form or estimate form on your website with ours. Very simple and very easy. We can make it identical to your current contact form. With our form in place, your client will land on your beautiful lawnbot. After answering some questions your client is given a recommended program. We can also use your exsisting contact form on your website we would just need access to your site and we can hook up for you within minutes. 

Is this just for lawn care companies?

No, we have access to tons of data inside the home and outside to be able to allow you to sell pretty much any home service through your chatbot. Pest Control, Home Cleaning, Landscaping, Irrigation Services etc.. 

Plowz&Mowz/Lawn Starter/Lawn Guru/Lawn Love..vs. Lawnbot .... GO!

Lawnbot is the whitelabel sales technology platform that empowers green industry businesses to close their inbound digital leads instantly! Think online ordering for your company in a beautiful modern way. We use your logo, your price tables, and we heavily customize your lawnbot to match your business. Your lead will never know "lawnbot" because we use your logos on our platform. Check out it is an example of a company that we built one for.

Plowz and Mowz, lawnstarter, lawnguru are all trying to be the middle man between lawn care companies and clients that need the work done. They are a marketplace. The only value they are providing is building a technology platform for people to order services then selling those jobs to the contractors - typically sell on price - and in many cases from reading online reviews leave many clients upset because the quality of work is hard to control.

PlowzMowz, lawnstarter, lawnguru = Uber of lawn care, you subscribe to their platform, they own the relationship with the customer.

Lawnbot = you own your own custom branded technology platform, you own 100% of the relationship with your customer, you set prices. Helps you close your inbound digital leads, provides an online modern beautiful ordering experience to your prospective clients.

Steps To Launch🚀

1. Sign Up - Pay Us Some $

We have many different plans and pricing to fit your budget. Pick the one thats best for your business. Pay us the design and build deposit to officially be put on the build schedule. 

2. On-Boarding

Now that you are officially signed up you will receive a welcome email with your onboarding checklist. It contains 11 easy steps and lays out exactly how we need all your data to build the best most beautiful lawnbot. 

3. Build

After we receive your on-board form. Our production team gets to work! Don't worry at this stage we will reach out if we need anything. No news is good news. Expect ~ 10 days 

4. Connect

At this stage your bot is built. You have proofed it to make sure your bot represents your business with the best light possible. Now is the time to connect lawnbot to all of your digital inbound lead sources.. Your website, homeadvisor leads, facebook leads. Any digital leads we can hook lawnbot up to. 

5. Launch🚀

Blast off! Now your bot is live and ready to make sales 24/7. Don't worry one of the best parts of lawnbot is the ongoing service/support. If you ever require any changes and updates it is covered under your monthly plan amount.