If every day was the same we’d soon get bored. If you’re feeling a bit agoraphobic or shy when first getting sober you should still reach out to online support groups. Any outreach https://en.forexbrokerslist.site/living-in-a-halfway-house-results-and-benefits/ and connection will help you get outside of yourself and will dash away boredom. SMART and AA offer both meetings along with 24/7 recovery chat and message boards.

  • Getting pissed is the default choice when we’re feeling happy, sad, tired, bored, grumpy, angry, or bored.
  • That being said, if you are able to start your sober journey with a feeling of happiness, these challenges can be easily overcome.
  • Things I never even considered fun while drinking.
  • It’s like I wanted everything and nothing at all.

Then it naturally follows that the likelihood of drinking is either eliminated entirely or significantly reduced. And if alcohol is consumed, the pleasure is basically non-existent and any potential relapse is largely neutralized. Remind yourself of the value in what you’re doing.

Six Easy Ways to Eat Healthier for Addiction Recovery

I drank to help with to sleep so I’m hoping this improves . It’s nice to know I’m not alone and can’t wait to be able to walk my dogs again to feel normal. I just tell them why I quit , and I think their insecurities get triggered. This is when they start joking that I must have gotten a DUI… to make themselves feel better, I suppose. It is normal to have no idea where to start.

stop drinking boredom

It does nothing to change any external circumstances. If you have stopped drinking, and you leave your days up to chance, it can be detrimental.

Months Without A Drink, And 2000 Miles Ran! I’ve Never Looked Like This

And one day it will occur to you that you’re actually happy and enjoying your life. Aside from journaling, talk therapy is an important, oftentimes critical tool for unpacking your feelings.

  • For example, one of my dogs is called Zoia.
  • Active alcohol and drug use can also bring a lot of chaos to someone’s life, and it can be an adjustment to get used to sober life at a more predictable pace.
  • What matters most is your ability to maintain an open, curious outlook as you learn what does and doesn’t work for you.
  • That’s exactly how I felt every single day and exactly how I loved my life.
  • As with any addiction, drinking is a habit.

It’s easy to say turn off the TV, but my husband finds this TV time as an unwinding time. Reading books and I’m still bored to tears. But my boredom at home is bad and getting worse. I have no desire to drink again b/c, frankly, the bad outweighs the good.

Bored After Quitting Drinking: How To Overcome It

For too long, I had been a spectator of fun, worrying about getting my hair wet. After I quit drinking, my therapist challenged me to write a list of accomplishments or character strengths that make me feel proud. I dodged how to taper off alcohol the task for months because even the asking of it made me squirmy. As an echoist, I struggle with being confident in my strengths for fear that I come across as narcissistic, attention-seeking, or just plain arrogant.

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Journaling allowed me to step outside of my emotions. I could pour my heart out and every irrational thought onto the pages. I’ve included this separate from hobbies because I don’t believe that journaling is a hobby. Start with going for walks for minutes every day. Pursue outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing.