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Hey! My name is Kendall Hines. I am the creator of Lawnbot. I built Lawnbot to solve problems I was having in the 1st company I had built, Lawn Doctor. A residential lawn care company that specializes in making lawns.. Green, Thick, & Weed-Free. I grew my 1st company Lawn Doctor to 1M in revenue in 6 years with no investors or outside capital. I have a heavy background in telemarketing sales and low cost acquisition of customers and digital marketing. I am a practitioner and handle all of our online marketing myself and generate thousands of low cost per sale and leads with my methods.


I understand the green industry from top to bottom. I have been working in it since I was eight years old and have made many connections within the industry that will now and have been turning into clients for Lawnbot.  I built Lawnbot in our off season 2018 over about two months and eagerly awaited spring of 2019 to test my product and hypothesis in the market place. I have been featured in all of the large trade publications for my thoughts and opinions about where the green industry is headed and how businesses can better connect with more potential customers in a shorter amount of time. Based on the early success of our minimum viable product & obtaining our product market fit I am obsessed with making sure every green industry business in USA, then the world knows Lawnbot and the power it has. It is my vision that as the market catches up to this technology a Lawnbot sales system will be part a key part of every lawn care company sales arsenal in the USA… then the world.


Kendall Hines

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We are obsessed with closing the gap for businesses between businesses and consumers making a frictionless process from start to finish.


Kendall Hines

Founder & CEO

I have been in the green industry since I was eight years old. Along the way I have always day dreamed what the future might look like and how to make our products and services serve customers to the highest possible standard.

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Erik Alburg


I enjoy finding dynamic solutions to complex problems!

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